Areas of Expertise

  • Terrestrial Fiber Optic Termination/Testing
  • Fiber Optic  Installation Client Representation
  • Shore End Fiber Optic Client Representation

Honest & Professional Services

Experience Matters

Client Representation

The customer has a business to run, and simply cannot be at all places at the same time, So hire us to take care of your project on site.  We've successfully handled projects that span the globe, professionally representing our clients.

Submarine Cable Services

Installation/Termination operations from the Beach Manhole to the Cable Landing Station, we can provide the tools and labor for a successful and quality installation.

Ocean Ground Bed Installation/Testing.

Terrestrial Cable Services


Our professional fiber splicers are quick and precise with many different applications.  We have experience with OPGW, Aerial and Underground OSP, SubSea Cable to land terminations and many other applications. Call us for more information.